What is Shopify E-Commerce DropShipping Business Model?

What is Shopify E-Commerce?

Ecommerce is simply the act of buying and selling goods online. In the same way you would buy and sell items on Amazon, you could create your own web store, and sell products that come directly from the supplier. Meaning you never have to see, touch, or do anything with the product. The reason it’s called “Shopify Ecommerce” is because Shopify is a platform tool you can use to set up your store.

Here are the 5 key steps to getting involved in Shopify Ecommerce

Product Selection

The best way to select a product to sell, is to look around your house, and select any common household item that you would like to sell.

It’s best if you could select a niche product to sell. Instead of opening up a general store, for example “Dog accessories”, something more specific, like “Large Dog Beds” would be far mor effective.

Outsource your product

This is where a lot of people go wrong. They think that they need to set up and build their own product to start selling online, meaning they would have to transform their apartment into a high tech Amazon warehouse, but I assure you that will not be the case.

You can find products on Aliexpress and Alibaba, that can be purchased for a fraction of the American Retail Price. So if you find a product on Alibaba for $10, which you can sell for $30, you will keep the $20 gross profit.

Setting up Store

In my eyes, this is the fun bit. You now need to set up your store to actually sell your products, the best platform to use for this would be Shopify’s platform. They offer services from $40 a month, which might seem pricey, but they offer a wide range of drag and drop features to make your store flawless.

Or, you can set up an “Amazon FBA” seller account. This allows you to ship products directly to the Amazon Warehouse (from your supplier). Therefore allowing you to use their highly popular digital platform to sell your product.

Setting up payments

Okay, so this is the tiny bit of logistics involved, the best app to use for payment collection on Shopify is an app called “Stripe”. Once you connect it to your bank account, you can get paid for the sales you make.


Now this is where your entrepreneurial skills will come into play. Because now you have to market your product. The best way to do this is using social media ads. If you’re on a small budget, you can start with Facebook ads for $5 a day, and scale your way up when you make more sales.

If you have a little more money, you could reach out to some Instagram influencers in your niche, and ask them if they’re willing to promote your product for a payment.

And that’s it really. They’re the five key steps that I, and countless other entrepreneurs have used to create hundreds of thousands of dollars of passive income online every single month.

They are steps that can be easily replicated to build streams of passive income online.

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