My Personal Story

My personal story starts with a small, rural village where I was born. Being a top-ranked poor country in the world, in Western Nepal in Asia, almost all the areas and villages at that time were underdeveloped. The village was facing major problems with no electric service, no public roads, and supply of water. I was a little boy for which I remember something about my family vividly where my parents were working very hard to maintain the family expenses. Although that hard work did not bring so much wealth for my family, we used to spend our days with full meals and we were brought up under good care.
 I observed hardworking from which I developed my ethics for working hard to get something in reward. While I was a little boy aged 4 years only, my family shifted to a nearby city named Chhinchu, Surkhet.
n the new city, my parents had to go through several initial costs for shifting home to a new city. So taking electricity at own house took us 3-4 years for my family. I remember the first time when I saw television, I was 8 years old. This scenario easily states how miserable my childhood was. The satisfying thing in this new city was that at least we had a rooftop over our heads and we didn’t have to survive for daily meals. We lacked wealth of our own to maintain the family with mid-standard.
In my life, I was observing miserable things from my childhood. But I knew I had something in me that inspires me to work for myself, not working under command of other people like day workers do. But I didn’t have opportunity to show it up. I had an ambition for success by using creativity and passion in my life. My inner-self was highly impelled for success which led me to this position today.

Initiation of the idea:

I always look for an opportunity to utilize my passion which came into my life with a newspaper advertisement about a job opportunity in Kathmandu city. The opportunity was about earning money on the internet. I moved to the city along with my cousin with the hope that we would have something to contribute to the family. In that job placement, I got the opportunity there to learn about different things in internet and the process of making money from the internet. In this case my passion for learning new things and observing helped me more. With the observation and hope, I returned home. My father gave me a laptop from his loan amount so that I can use my learning and observation to earn. But earning with the initial process was very difficult for me. I was so involved in such activities but the result was disappointing which was demotivating for me. There were several challenges and difficulties that I had to overcome.
That time was hard for me to carry out my activities along with failure. But I tried to conduct the internet things again and again after failure and failure for almost 2 or 3 years. This made my friends laugh at me about my attempts to earn from the internet since this earning was not common in my city. Their bully and humiliation made me demotivated even made me so much depressed that crushed me inside.
At that time I had to work all day and night other than some moments to sleep and eat. Working for 18-20 hours a day was the full potentiality that I used at that time. I did not give time to family, friends, or relatives. Even I could not make time for eating and caring for my health. I believe this was the darkest hour of my life.
This made my health condition very poor. I had to take medication at this time for meeting the lacking in my body since I was maintaining most of my time sitting in front of my laptop. I was not getting proper nutrition, or working out to make my physique run and get healthy. However, these things had a negative influence on my health aspects. I could not bear the bully and humiliation for my work nor maintain my health. I took an oath inside me to prove to the people and show them what I can do. I was trying to have a quick solution to my problems and I got one. I motivated myself with the saying that, I have to prove the people wrong who are mocking me. I had a clear desire for success in my life which driven me in this position.
I devoted myself to work on the internet by myself and earn from this business. I never thought about any other option. So while I was working hard I also had a motive to have experience and learn something new from that experience. The failure in the different projects made me learn new things and observe the process.  

Breakthrough in my life:

The passion for learning new things and observation came true. I got to learn several things and acquire knowledge from different books about entrepreneurship. I watched different motivational videos and seminars late at night. These things motivated me most about hard work. Even after watching such videos late at night, I used to start working in the morning. It was tough to continue working like this. I had the mentality of working hard day and night, but it hurts my mental and physical health which I had to face.

Starting of hope in business:

In winter 2012, I had the opportunity to have my first breakthrough in a site which was called “Microworkers”. This was the initiator of my learning and I started to make money online. But I made online 10 dollars on that site.
I had a hope that I can make money with my work and activities. The income that I made might seem harassing for common people. I was having an average income of $3 only for about three months. Any person would leave such business where he gets this amount for a month. But for me, it was the opposite. I just opened up a door for earning after a long try.
After that, I had created a system that could make $10 at a time. I knew that a similar system can make me earn $100 even it can be used to earn $1000. This system had the advantage of amplifying the revenue. With such earning, I had the hope of getting financially solvent to support myself. With such income from the system, other people would evaluate a very miserable reward for such effort. But for me, it is a beginning of my earning which also enhanced my hope for earning. I could see the light coming to me from the other side of the tunnel. From this systematic project, I learned new things and my knowledge about the earning process on the internet was broaden. With the existing knowledge about entrepreneurship and its stories, I could easily determine what is good and what I bad for my prospect in this field. I stumbled into both marketing fields which are networking and affiliate.
Then I started to investigate other professionals in the international marketing field. I researched the style of the prominent marketers in this sector and developed my knowledge about network marketing. I followed the personnel who are most prominent in this industry which broadened my skills to serve the clients with networking around the world.
It was a greater breakthrough in my career while I experimented with affiliate marketing and network marketing. I also sacrificed my comfort with physical maintenance and well sleep for working hard about 18 hours a day. I was not involved in earning more in that time, but experimenting with my projects to learn more. In the meantime, my friends were having fun in life, they were enjoying the party, hanging around while I was working in my room all day and night. Few years passed working like this and I found that my hard work and effort got paying off with more revenue. I was able to make more sales and take off my business with potential growth with revenue.

Development of my career and meeting my success goal:

A few years after I first discovered it, my discipline and perseverance slowly began to pay off. I began to make more sales slowly, and watch some of my businesses take off in the market in terms of revenue. In 2014 I reached a new era of my career in this field.
Later that year, I started to get involved in Email marketing aka solo ads. This led me to earn a dollar amount to six-digit which is greater in number. In early 2016, I have multiplied the number of earnings from the internet. All these things have been boosting my confidence to conduct business and continue working hard in this field. I have made up my mind to develop my business activities in this field for which I started to travel around the world. I met many people in this field who are experts and successful marketers from around the world.

Biggest milestone to my internet marketing career:

I started business activities with the E-commerce Drop Shipping business which is a very competitive and challenging business. I thought I was late in this field because the business line in such a model was already competitive. But I learned from my childhood to work hard and stick to my goal. Thus I gave it a try and found a guy from Nepal living in Germany named Mr. Ashim. He supported me much in building this business in Drop Shipping. All the credit for my success in this business goes to this man. We were business partners and both worked very hard to make this business successful. We tested about 8-10 products in this business line. After testing these products for a couple of months we got a solid winner product. This product is the result of our hard work and test which made about $750,000 from the sale of that single product. This is not revenue for our business. We consider this as our capital for the next product and tested more products. As a result, we got better products to sell. But in early 2020 the world was shutting down due to the pandemic of COVID 19. We also stopped our business activities. But in this shut down we never stopped to find ways to develop our products. We tested the products and developed them. As a result after few months of lockdown, we started with more potential. Thus the standstill of business and economy during lockdown forced the business after lockdown. However, this helped our business. We made about 2 million dollars in revenue in the pandemic situation from 2020 to mid of 2021. This was a greater breakthrough.
Now, my observation in this business is that hard work is the key which might bring slow, but when it brings, it adds value to the hard-working. In the initial stage of this business, I was having trouble supporting myself. But with hard-working for some years, I have made more than 4 million dollars revenue on the internet from 2017 till now. And now I am living a millionaire lifestyle. Being self-employed gives me the satisfaction that I don’t have to work under other people. I am telling it with pride on my own. It can also be a motivating story for the people who are looking forward to starting their own business and work with passion and hard work. 
At last, I would like to thank my family for their support of my journey. I would also like to thank all the partners, business personnel with whom I worked, my friends, the people who motivated me, and those who helped me to grow my business in this field. Finally, now I can tell people what I am, and show them who I am.