Shopify Drop Shipping Automation " Done For You" Service

We understand how valuable your time is. Spending time for processes on setting up a store could be a sacrifice on your part. That is why we are here to do the task for you. We offer a “done for you” program wherein our team can be instantly set to work for you, for a one-time fee of $30,000
If you avail our service, our team will build an entire store for you. We will find the best market location for your products. You will get connected with specialists on finding winning products and marketing. In 7-10 days, we will get your store and marketing campaign ready for you.
Here’s the drill. Our goal is to get you a fully outsourced and autopilot store. You can make money without doing anything. But of course, we won’t instantly see that result right after launching of your business. We will work with you for as long as necessary until we achieve results and remained fully outsourced. It usually takes 3-5 months to get your investment back and running for the desired result.
To give you an idea on rough costs for setting up your Shopify automation program, here’s a sample breakdown of your initial expenses: 
Estimated Cost (US$)
Our service fee
One-time fee charged by our team to manage all stuffs for your store if you are lucky enough to have us at this rate. This may increase by time. So the earlier you start with us, the better
Paid Marketing
Starting cost to get customers. The following cost for this will be obtain from the previous sales. Thus, you no longer  have to get from your own pocket
Virtual Assistant/s (VA)
Although we hire VAs as economical as we can for our clients, VAs cost may grow. One VA may charge around 240-280$/month for working at least 40 hours a week. We will begin with 1 VA but we adding more may be necessary as your store grow
Shopify basic subscription
Monthly charge to access Shopify.
Other paid apps
Important applications other than Shopify that we may need to run your business
This Service is only for US Resident.
You may be wondering why supplier’s cost is not included. This is because we don’t have to spend even a single cent for supplies at the beginning. We will only pay the supplier once we get sales. So we will use the money from sales to supply the products, not from your pocket.
Bottom line isyou will only need over 33,500$ and leave the rest to our team to build your autopilot store. Expenses may increase as we grow your store. But need not to worry about it as we will get the following expense from sales to get it compounded. As expenses increase, your profit increase. Until such time that we get the profit that you want without having to increase the cost.
What makes our automation program unique from others? Our team literally do almost everything for our clients. We set up store, we find winning products, set up fb ads and we even do choosing of location as well where we mostly focus on specific location than worldwide. All you need to do is some management tasks such as business set up, payment handling and the like.
Here is the list of what you have to set up:
1: Register a legal business on your name.
2: Tax id, GST (varies by country)
3: Get business bank account
4: Get business PayPal account
5: Get stripe account
6: Taxation
We Assure you will be making good profits from very 1st month with us.  We only take 50% profits share after only clients recover the amount he/she paid for our automation service..

Disclaimer: We are here to share our strategies to make it beneficial for you. However, we can not give any guarantees to get the results the way we wanted. All figures and numbers stated here are just estimates or projections from past results to give yiu an idea. These should not be misinterpreted as promised results for your potential earnings.

These results are true on some cases, however, may not be applicable to all. These are not claimed to be typical but are used to showcase what’s the best that could happen among the cases.

By entering to an agreement to avail our service, you must understand that you’re fully responsible for the investments you make and any outcomes that may result.

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