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Hello everyone,


Today I want to talk to you about the travel lifestyle that I have now as an entrepreneur.


Everybody seems to have this dream of waking up and taking vacations whenever they want, to wherever they want and for as long as the want. That seems to truly be the life goal of many modern day digital entrepreneurs.


Well, as surprising as it seems, that’s not my goal. Why? I can hear you ask, and it’s a good question. The reason is, because I already have this lifestyle. It’s no longer my on goal, but rather, a past echo of a goal that I have already achieved.


I don’t have a a boss to report to, no office, no stressful morning commute. And the financial resources that I have acquired mean that I can get on a plane anytime I want, not having to worry about the costs.


But for those of you who have read my previous posts, you will know that it is was not always like this for me.


I grew up in Western Nepal, and lived in a rural, deserted village for years, until my family move to a slightly more urban area. Even still, I had to wait 3-4 years before I even had access to electricity.


I was almost 8 years old before I even watched television for the first time. It was only many years later, after another move to a different city with my cousin, that I learnt to use a computer for the first time, and began to learn and educate myself on entrepreneurship.


Fast forward a few years, and now I have the dream lifestyle that others stay awake at night thinking about.


No-one can tell me what to do, because I am completely self-sufficient. As well as that, I get paid to do exactly what I love to do, and truly follow my own life passions. One of those passions, being travelling.


And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.


Where My Love For Travelling Came From: Humble Beginnings


My love for travelling was first born when I was a child. I had a burning passion for learning about new things, new cultures, meeting new people and for exploring in general.


However, like I mentioned before, my family grew up in a poor city. This meant that I even got the opportunity to truly fulfil my desires for seeing the rest of the world.


When I began my online business journey in 2012, I came across many examples of gurus and online marketers, who had the exact lifestyle that I was chasing. Their ability to travel the world and see new cultures is what truly inspired me to begin investigating how they did it, which is what led to my breakthrough in online business.


Once I saw the success that they ad, I had enough confidence within myself to know that if they were able to do it, I could do it for myself. Ever since childhood, I knew that I was hardworking, passionate and willing to sacrifice some luxuries to gain a better lifestyle in the future.


Once I got my first breakthrough with Network Marketing and High-ticket affiliate marketing, (you can check out my other articles for more information), I began to connect online, with other experts and gurus, who could show me the ropes, and share valuable insights with me that would grow my business online, eventually leading me to the breakthrough that I mentioned.


This is what led me to making some consistent money every month for myself, thanks to these passive revenue streams.


Why Travelling is so Important to Me


This is what finally allowed me to meet up with some of these gurus in person, expanding my knowledge base and building off the insights of these gurus truly gave me a competitive advantage in the industry.


Every entrepreneur will know, that the people who you spend lots of time with will eventually shape the person you become.


Honestly, that could not be more true. Having access to these guys’ revolutionary insights and their valuable tips and strategies has been invaluable in my own life.


What I had dreamt of as a child had finally become true. I was now making enough money to travel the world without having to worry about how much it was going to cost me.


After years of not being able to afford plane tickets, it made the success and freedom taste so much sweeter once I was able to travel for myself. I have travelled to over 20 countries in the last year and could not wish for a better lifestyle even if I tried.


The benefits if travelling, and the impact that it has had on my lifestyle, could not be quantified, simply, because it would be too large to even try.


It allows me to network with individuals who are highly successful, who can give me insights and tips to growing my own businesses in the industries I operate in.


As these guys are specialists, they can give me the exact strategies that I need, and answer any of the problems that I have.


Also, the ability to live my childhood dream, fulfilling the passions I have to explore, learn new things, meet new people and enjoy new cultures has a massive effect on my own personal happiness.


I personally believe that we should never stop learning, and always strive to continuously educate ourselves about all aspects of our lives.


That is something that can be done very effectively by travelling to different parts of the world.


What You Guys can Lean


They key takeaway for today’s article is, that you should always believe in yourself, and never forget that this kind of lifestyle is possible for you too.


It really wasn’t that long ago, that I found myself pulling off 18 Hour workdays, in front of my laptop, having to sacrifice family, friends and free time in order to make this kind of lifestyle for myself.


The key thing I really want to let you guys know, is that you can do it too.


With a little bit of patience, determination and a strong passion for leaning, the sky really is the limit, and I am the perfect example to show you guys that.


For now, I’m going to continue travelling. It gives me the energy, focus and motivation that I need to continually improve myself and strive towards completing all of my goals.


The fact that we have so many cultures in this tiny globe, gives me great amazement, it continues to drive me forward and boosts my motivation to explore our world further.


And don’t worry guys, I will be sharing all of my travel content on this website, for all of you to see.

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